Finding your place.

I’m still very new at this whole teaching thing. And really, I’m still very new at a lot of things. Motherhood. Marriage. Life. And I don’t always feel very good at any of it.

I’m still figuring things out. If I’m honest, I’m not really very sure about much of anything. I don’t really know what I’m good at. I don’t really know what my “thing” is.

I’m not the smartest or the most creative. I’m definitely not the most organized or the most dynamic. I don’t have the prettiest classroom or the most exciting lessons. I’m not the best at twitter and I’ve only posted on this blog a handful of times. I’m giving the teacher Instagram thing a whirl, but I already know I don’t have the energy or the fancy Cricut to keep up. I don’t have the most experience and I don’t really have any great resources to share.


As I was thinking of all the things I’m not and all the things I don’t know, I thought of something else. Something I can do.


I can be an encourager. 


I can help someone remember that they matter. I can give a virtual hug (confession: I’m not much of a hugger in real life) after a hard day. I can write a note. I can be a sounding board. I can help us all remember the truth when it’s easier to believe the lies. I can be a positive voice and a supportive friend. I can be an encourager.

So maybe that’s my thing. Maybe that’s my place for right now, and probably for always. It might not be super fancy, and probably won’t get me published or make me famous–but still, it matters.


So be encouraged, friend. You have something that matters too, no matter how big or small it may seem to you. We need it. We need you. The inexperienced. The master teachers. The published authors. The bloggers with more drafts than posts. The teachers with ugly worksheets. The classrooms that belong on Pinterest. The dreamers. The rule followers. The artists. The laminated labelers. And those of us that fall somewhere in between.

Find your place, whatever it is, and live in it.

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2 thoughts on “Finding your place.

  1. Awesome advice and read Ali!
    I am not organized.
    I am not super hip.
    What I am is open to who you are. I don’t try to fix you or underestimate you. I don’t try to rob you of your story. I listen and love. Oh, and hopefully, I teach a little math. Thank you for your courage to #pushsend


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