Back to school we go.

Man. I know everybody is saying it, but where did the summer go? We had a great summer full of lazy mornings, traveling, and chasing the not-so-baby boy around. But now, we’re back to school, and I’m super thankful for a really good first week.

I’m going to keep things short & sweet because #sodangtired, but here are a few of the highlights from this week.

  1. NAME TENTS: My most favorite, always and forever, way to get to know students and build some rapport.
  2. MATH IS LIKE: My most favorite, always and forever, way to get students talking about their SUPER HONEST feelings about math.
  3. THE FOUR 4S: I love this because anyone can try it, and it lets students explore and have some fun with math. (And it always brings up order of operations discussions!)
  4. STICKY NOTE STATIONS: This is a new find for this year, and I’ll definitely use it again. I loved the way it got students out of desks and talking about some important topics.
  5. BROKEN CIRCLES: This is a fun challenge. (Plus is forces them to be quiet and concentrate for a bit.) It takes a little prep, but I cut these out and laminated them several years ago… and I’m still using them!
  6. SET: This is the first time I’ve tried this as a Bell Ringer, and my students seemed to really like it! I posted an image of 12 set cards. Told them to find the sets (without really telling them much else) and it was so fun to watch them figure out the rules by trial and error.
  7. ESTIMATION 180: Always great engagement with these. I love using the cheeseball one to get students talking and reasoning. Again, a non-intimidating task that allows for more participation.
  8. TALKING POINTS: Dang. We had some GOOD discussions this year. It even got a little heated. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I love the process this makes them go through.
  9. WODB: Another easy entry point into class discussion. Anything goes as long as they have a REASON.
  10. VISUALIZING MATH: I got this from Week of Inspirational Math. It was pretty good, but honestly I was hoping for a little better discussion. I probably need to set it up better next time! Still fun, though.

Whew! That’s it for now. All in all, I’m so thankful to be back in our high school building. This week has definitely renewed my love for teaching… and an early bedtime.

A few of my pdfs/documents I use during the first week are here… just look at ((First Week of School Stuff)).

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