Virtual Coaching Corner

I jumped on the Bitmoji classroom bandwagon, y’all. Also, hi! I haven’t blogged in an entire year. I started a new job and had another baby all while we’ve been in a global pandemic. Cool cool cool… 😲

But, I saw my twitter friend @druinok start up the #MTBoSBlaugust challenge again so I decided to dust off the ‘ole blog and give it a go.

So, the Bitmoji classroom thing. I can honestly say it was pretty fun to create, albeit time-consuming. I’m hoping to update it weekly to share some tips & tools to assist the teachers I support (and whoever else is interested!).

So here’s what you’ll see:

  • My bitmoji, obviously. If you click on virtual me, then it should take you to my instagram. I try to share some updates & inspiration there from time to time.
  • The twitter icon on my laptop takes you to my twitter account, because #edutwitter & #MTBoS are amazing.
  • A tool of the week. This week: Desmos! There are still many teachers who aren’t familiar with the Desmos classroom activities, so I hope to share more about this later on.
  • AMSTI (Alabama Math, Science, & Technology Initiative) link. Click there for a link to some great resources.
  • A few great books I’d recommend (more to come!). Click on the images to see more info.
  • A link to my email. Click on “I am here for you!”.

CLICK HERE for the YouTube tutorial that I used to set up my Bitmoji classroom.

And if you’re interested in my life updates…

New job
New baby

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